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In my written thesis named “Graphic Design Automation”, I was investigating how tools have been changing the workflow for graphic designers through the last 600 years. Based on this, the goal of my practical project was to take a qualified guess on what might be a new tool of automation for graphic designers.

I have spent an excessive amount of time to read texts and discuss with people what they are predicting, and from this, tried to come up with ideas for a prototype. It was quite clear for me at an early stage that I wanted to focus on two aspects; voice control and body gestures. These are both technologies that we have, but the quality of available tools are yet not good enough for extensive use. However, as machine learning, artificial intelligence, neural networks, and quantum computation are all developing with full pace, I believe it is just a matter of time before we will see products with these features being shipped to the commercial market.

How to present a product that doesn’t exist? Many sleepless nights and endless conversations led me to the decision of showing a user scenario with video, in addition to a website promoting the product; an artificial intelligent software that assists graphic designers in their time consuming repetative tasks in front of computers.

Through this process, I have worked with several tools and processes that were completely new to me. It has been a struggle sometimes, but in the end very rewarding. I am not only satisfied with the end result based on the circumstances, but also the fact that I have learned to work with tools of animation and video post production that I have a strong feeling will be of great use for me as an industry professional in the future. And this is in a way compelling with my motivation of working with this topic; how will my future look like?

Magnus Aspelin

Communication Designer


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